Sunday, January 12, 2014

Leway Reunion Poster

Leway Inc. was established in 1967. It was basically a bunch of Kai Doi's that hung around Lee Bok's poolhall in San Francisco's Chinatown whom decided to purchase the poolhall from Lee Bok when he was going to close it down. Leway which was short for Legitimate Ways became a non-profit organization and tried to do good for the youths of Chinatown. They even established a soda fountain in the storefront in front of the pool hall. After about two years it all went to shit. Within the organization came a radical movement which modeled themselves after the Black Panther Party with the exact list of ten demands only geared towards the Chinese American community. With it came raids by the police and the place quickly became a place to avoid for it's bad reputation. But what remains is the community spirit of people getting together to do something in the community for themselves. For that we will celebrate that with a reunion... forty seven years later. Hope to see you there!

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