Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Really?!  It's been like three years since I made my last entry here?

I haven't been doing much artwork for a couple of years.  Mainly because I'm embroiled in a lawsuit over the family property.  I have to stay level headed to deal with it.  But it's been putting me into a depression which is not good.

So...I've got three pieces up at this tiny gallery on Commercial Alley.  It's an old Chinatown alley that is quickly becoming gentrified.  It's a group there's like six other Asian American artist.  The show is called Social Energies.

It's actually a boutique shop.  About 800 square feet, long and narrow.  It seems like two separate side is clothing...the other side is....I dunno.  Our artworks are scattered mostly on the I dunno side along with the merchandise.

I just submitted three brush and ink drawings of Chinatown scenes.  A lot of white and asian hipsters at the opening.  I feel so old amongst them.  They are on sale.  It is only up for a month.