Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Betty Ann Ong Recreation Center

My involvement with We Grew Up In San Francisco Chinatown has gotten me into fundraising for the Betty Ann Ong Recreation Center. They have been rebuilding the recreation center from the ground up. The city feigns weakness by saying they do not have money for the equipment and furnishings. It is up to the community to come up with the monies to purchase those things. The goal at the moment is $100,000.

So I've got our group to try and raise some money. We're having a fundraiser on March 3rd at the Jade Dragon in Daly City.

I slapped together this poster for the event. Using my painting. Now they want me to print up a bunch to sell as a fundraiser. Trouble is, the original was done in low resolution. Now I have to make another layout for it.

I don't expect our group to raise the entire $100,000 that night. If we make $3,000 that would be pretty good! If we do ok and if we work together well, this will only be the first of more to come.

If anyone wish to donate anything to the silent auction and raffle prizes, please let me know. If you wish to make any cash donation, please write a check directly to the Betty Ann Ong Foundation and specify that it is for the Recreation Center.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

neh....i'm not gonna do it

I was asked about three days ago to produce something for the background of Chinese Culture Center's stage. It's for this weekend. Not paying that much neither. I was going to get a long piece of muslin and paint on it. Today I was told to go for a meeting later a CCC to talk about it. Now that's only one day to work on it. Better not mess with it. Though I was a bit up for the challenge. CCC has long mostly emphasized artists from China. And hardly much on local artists.