Friday, October 19, 2007

My new blog dedicated to my art

Why another blog? I already have a blog on Xanga....why do I need another one?

That's because photographer and IT tech Ken Lee told me that my Xanga blog scares away people. I am too funny. I have to be more serious and businesslike. No wonder I don't have any business one cares about my trading card collection from Las Vegas, or my daughter graduating from elementary school, or me trying to buy a box of cereal for a penny when I was four years old....I am into a lot of things besides my business. Three kids, wife working full-time, property management, Chen style taiji, Hung Ga gung fu, health issues, lap swimming, running uphills, community, school site council, J-Town don't wanna hear all that BS do you.?

So I decided to make a blog which focuses entirely on my art, graphics, screenprinting side. Maybe I should start a blog for every subject I'm into.
So...what's up with my art lately? I've been contemplating on upgrading to a six color manual press....but how much space will this thing take? Can I fit that into the basement? I need to upgrade my press because my old one just doesn't hold those big heavy Newman screens I have. They keep falling while I print. When that happens, it knocks the screen off registration. How much is a Workhorse 6-color manual??? How about an M&R.
I have this six screen job from Bobby Pagoda and he wants it by 10/26. I don't think so....There's a lot to be done on the layout of the art and I'm wondering if he could afford all those extra art charges. I better put together an estimate first.
There really hasn't been much work for the t-shirt printing side other than that spike last month.